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The dataset was recorded in a single recording session called a capture, each capture contains multiple takes corresponding to a single activity. Data is trimmed (cropped temporally) to each take.

The following describes the data that is trimmed at the take-level (& how to download it via the CLI):

  • Frame aligned videos (--parts takes)
    • For each camera, there is an MP4 video file where each frame ii correspond to the same point in time for all cameras.
    • Downscaled versions of these are available, see Downscaled Takes
  • VRS files
    • Aria (egocentric camera used) records with the VRS file format. These are available as trimmed takes.
    • This VRS file includes camera intrinics, IMU, audio data and optionally image stream data (RGB camera, left/right slam cameras)
    • If a VRS file is suffixed with _noimagestreams then this VRS file will not contain image stream data (as the name suggests)
    • Use --parts takes to download VRS files without image stream data and --parts take_vrs for VRS files with image stream data
  • Trajectory (--parts take_trajectory)
    • Use this data to get the 3D location of the camera wearer at each point in time
    • Note: since this data is sampled at 1kHZ (due to IMU), to perform matching: we recommend rounding the time (in nanoseconds) for the frame to the nearest time stamp in the trajectory file
    • See MPS
  • Eye gaze (--parts takes)
    • Similar to trajectory, but for eye gaze. See MPS
  • Audio
    • This is available in the frame aligned videos (for each camera) & VRS files for the egocentric camera (7 microphones) (see above)

Capture-Level Information

Within each capture, the following information is present.


Timesync information is present for each capture when downloading via --parts captures. This data is available as capture/<capture_name>/timesync.csv.

The timesync information is present as a CSV file. Where each row in the CSV file describes a matching timestamp & frame number for each camera.

The columns of the CSV file are of the format <cam_id>_pts and <cam_id>_frame_number for the Presentation Time-Stamp (PTS) and frame number respectively.

Take-Timing Information

Take-timing information is present under the file take_timings.csv, which includes the following columns take_id, start_idx and end_idx (inclusive). start_idx and end_idx are indices into the timesync file.