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EgoExo4D Challenge 2024

EgoExo4D teaser challenges

At EgoVis workshop during CVPR 2024 we will host two teaser Ego-Exo4D challenges (Ego-Pose Body and Ego-Pose Hands). These challenges will run along our existing Ego4D challenges and are also eligibile for prizes.

Please find details below on the challenges:

  • Ego-Pose Body: Given an egocentric video, estimate the 3D body pose of the camera-wearer. Specifically, predict the 3D position of the 17 annotated body joints for each frame.

  • Ego-Pose Hands: Estimate the 3D locations of the defined hand joints for visible hand(s). Specifically, estimate the (x,y,z) coordinates of each joint in the egocentric coordinate frame.

Additional details about participation and signup can be found here